It’s Not Just Eli That Deserves Better, It’s Us Fans That Deserve Better; A Brief Condemnation of the Giants Org for Giving up on the Present

Eli Manning’s prolific start streak will come to an end tomorrow so that the Giants can get a look at Geno Smith and Davis Webb.

There has been an outcry that Eli deserves better. I agree. But even more than that, us Giants fans deserve better.

By demoting Eli, not only are the Giants turning the remainder of this season into the equivalent of a bunch of meaningless pre-season games, they’re also giving up on next season.

The Giants biggest problem last year was the O-line. Had the O-line been able to play better, an 11-5 playoff season could have been a Super Bowl season.

Despite the rash of O-line injuries this year, they have been playing much better thanks in part to whipping-boy turned rosy-future Erik Flowers, as well as new addition run-blocking stud, D.J. Fluker, and the ever under-rated Brett Jones.

If they continue to improve, they could at the very least become an above average unit.

With this problem solved, if injured studs and starters such as Odell Beckham Jr., Olivier Vernon, Janoris Jenkins, Brandon Marshall, Sterling Shepard, B.J. Goodson, and Justin Pugh are healthy next year, the Giants should without a doubt be Super Bowl contenders.

As such, rather than giving up on the present, the Giants should be focusing on working with Eli to improve offensive schemes and strategies so that they can flourish next year.

Yet with this decision they are packing it in and switching into re-building mode.

This is assinine.

Why are you giving up on all the talent you’ve accumulated?!

Are you seriously going to subject your fans to re-building upon re-building when Eli could lead the Giants to a historic championship next year?!!!

If this is seriously the path that the Giants are on, let’s do what even us fans know should be done. Let’s bench McAdoo and let defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo run the show so that we know whether we need to hire a new head coach from outside next year or whether Spags can do it.

We know more than enough about McAdoo already. Frankly, anyone who sports that haircut and that moustache shouldn’t even be running a McDonald’s.

Ben Fucking McAdoo - slick back hair and moustache.jpg