The Comedic Novel Review - A collection of reviews on books where humor plays a central role. While there will be many exceptions (particularly shitty books from all genres), for the most part the comedies chosen will be fictional stories as opposed to memoirs by comedians etc.

Books will be rated from 1 to 5 pretty much as follows.

5 = Must Read
You will laugh your ass off, learn some shit, and be touched. And not like one of those Bike Shop touches by a fat-fingered, creepy old man. More like one of them hot babysitter touches where you become a man at the age of 9 and from then on possess that je ne sais quoi that gets you laid without even trying.

4 = Quality Read
Funny and well told. You won’t be disappointed.

3 = Decent Read
There are enough chuckles and strong points to warrant a read, but you won’t be writing home to mom about it.

2 = Crappy Read
If you see anyone so much as holding this book, regardless of reason, slap it out of their hands, spit on it, and call them a “douche-nozzle”.

1 = AIDS
The experience of accidentally knocking your sweetest heart grandmother down the stairs and subsequently watching her die a slow death from the internal trauma suffered is preferable to reading this book.


John Box - With two self-described smash-hit comedies under his belt, Box is the absolute, undeniable authority on comedic novels. He will help introduce you to the books that you wanna be reading and help you steer clear of all the bullshit trash out there. Contact him at and feel free to suggest books for review. Please also feel free to have a hissy fit when those suggestions are ignored.



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