Take money out of politics.

That's really all one needs to know, but below, please find what taking money out of politics entails, how to make it happen, and some examples of problems that will be solved almost instantaneously.

What Taking Money Out Of Politics Entails:

In the U.S., the vast majority of elections are determined by which candidate spends the most money. Since most politicians are not independently wealthy, they need to receive financial contributions from supporters. Receiving these contributions makes the politician indebted to the contributor and therefore gives contributors great influence over government policy. Taking money out of politics means eliminating this system completely by having elections funded by public money (i.e. taxes). Given how far technology has progressed, we should be able to do this cheaply and easily for local and national elections. Politicians will no longer be indebted to contributors, they will only be indebted to their voters/constituents.

How To Make It Happen:

This, too, is surprisingly easy.

We actually have a blueprint thanks to a cunt named Grover Norquist. When this cunt was a kid, he came up with the idea of getting all U.S. senators and representatives to sign a pledge promising to never increase taxes. If you didn't sign it, you were ostracized and turned into an easy target come election time. He was able to get pretty much every senator and representative to sign it, making him one really powerful cunt.

This ridiculously simple method can be applied to getting money out of politics. We simply create a pledge that states that the politician supports publicly funded elections and then brand politicians who do not sign it as being in favor of a system where only the rich have influence on government policy, and where the vast majority of citizens have no voice at all. We simply shame every politician who doesn't sign it. Once everyone has signed, they simply legislate the change. It should be a quick and easy bill to pass since everyone will have already signed the pledge.

Problems Addressed:

* Global Warming --- Solved.
U.S. politicians will start doing what's in the best interest of the environment. Too many of them are in the pockets of polluters etc. Once they no longer are indebted to them, politicians can finally act as we want them to act--in the interest of the environment. We can go back to being a leader in renewable energy as well, so hello clean world, hello jobs, hello profits. It's a fucking virtuous circle.

* Drug Problem --- Solved.
* Gang Violence --- Reduced.
* Mass Incarceration --- Solved.
* Budget Deficits --- Inverted.
Simply by legalizing and regulating drugs + treating drug abuse rather than punishing it + teaching everyone about drugs, like we all know is the right thing to do (I'm assuming everyone has at least read Chasing The Scream), drug abuse will decrease, drug-related violence will disappear since everything will become legal, people incarcerated for non-violent drug crimes will be released, and local and national government bodies will receive a windfall of cash by taxing marijuana and all of its friends.

* Representatives --- Representing.
Elected officials will actually be able to do their job rather than spending the vast majority of their time raising money for their next election.

* Taxes --- Fair.
Well, it depends on your definition of fair, I guess, but those at the top of the wealth pyramid who can spare it, will be putting in a lot, whereas those in the middle and toward the bottom will be getting a break. The wealthiest Americans will be putting in the most, but all of us little guys will still be working our asses off to join them at the top where we can happily pay a fuck-ton of taxes.

* Health Care --- Universal.
Everyone should be covered. Most Americans want it. Just look to the countries doing it best and copy-and-paste their best practices. An overhaul may be painful, but it's necessary.

* Patent Trolls --- Gone.

* Net Neutrality --- Neutral.
I think. I don't really know all that much about this issue, and frankly, I don't want to. All I know is that some bullshit laws are being enacted because donation-giving companies want them, despite the fact that the general public who are in the know (again, not me) are against them.

* The U.S. is no longer run by rich old fucks who are only concerned with getting richer like the fuckbag Coch Brothers. Note that Coch is pronounced Cock, cause they're fucking cocks.