The Best Japanese Words Ever - Part 1

One of the things that I love most about Japanese is that just by looking at the Chinese-based kanji characters, you very often not only instantly know the meaning of a word, but you also get a good sense of the etymology. Below are some of my favorite words that spell it all out for you.

1)      不感症 (fukanshou) = no feeling disease = sexual frigidity

2)      千擦り (senzuri) = thousand rubs = masturbation

3)      恥骨 (chikotsu) = shame bone = pubis

4)      自画自賛 (jiga-jisan) = self paint self praise – I feel a very special affinity for this phrase.

5)      恩知らず (onshirazu) = kindness/debt don’t know = ingrate

6)      美人局 (tsutsumotase) = beautiful person affair = a scheme in which a man and woman trick another man into a compromising situation for blackmail

7)      鼻糞ボクロ (hanagusobokuro) = nose shit mark = booger mole
Okay, this isn’t an “actual” word, but it damn well should be. In both Japanese and English. Let’s get on it people. There are folks walking around with these abominations on their face and not feeling bad about it.

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