The Case For Globalism - Argument #2

For our second argument, let’s have a look at a three hypothetical young male adults.

Let’s begin with Mr. A, an alt-right “person” from Virginia.

Next, we have Mr. B, a forward-thinking hunk of a man with eyes as blue as the planet Neptune from New York.

Mr. A and Mr. B hate each other. Actually, Mr. A and Mr. B have never met, but if they did, I think it’s safe to say that they would not get along, no matter how good-looking Mr. B is.

Lastly, let’s make things interesting by adding someone who’s not from the U.S. Let’s sprinkle in Mr. C from Japan who’s a member of the right wing Nippon Kaigi party.

Mr. A hates Mr. C because he’s not American. Mr. C believes that Mr. A can go fuck himself because he’s not Japanese.

Mr. B, despite being super handsome and well hung, and despite professing his love for people of all nations, disdains Mr. C for being a nationalist, i.e. a fascist nut job.

What’s fucking weird as fuck is that Mr. A and Mr. C are pretty much the same fucking person but one happened to be born in the US and the other one happened to be born in Japan. They both have more in common with each other than with Mr. B, yet Mr. A would give up his life to save Mr. B because they are both American, which is to say they were both born within the same arbitrary territorial lines.

The fact that this makes no fucking sense whatsoever is point #2 in favor of globalism.

What? What?! John Box for President of the World is what’s what!