The Best Japanese Words Ever - Part 2

One of the things that I love most about Japanese is that just by looking at the Chinese-based kanji characters, you very often not only instantly know the meaning of a word, but you also get a good sense of the etymology. Below are seven more of my favorite words that spell it all out for you.

1)      無芸大食 (mugei-taishoku) = no talent big eat = fat useless bastard

2)      座薬 (zayaku) = sit medicine = suppository

3)      感情移入 (kanjou-inyuu) = feelings transplant = empathy

4)      年増美人 (toshima-bijin) = increased years beauty = milf

5)      罰一 (batsuichi) = one strike = divorced (once)

6)      瘤付き (kobutsuki) = with lump/swelling = having a child (from a previous relationship)

7)      姥捨 (ubasute) = old woman throw away = the practice of abandoning old ladies; granny dumping

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