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Note: This is not a comedy but I hope you will enjoy the review.

The Future of the Mind is like a rare textbook that is so interesting, informative, and thought-provoking that you’d read it even if you weren’t taking the class.*

Beginning with a brief introduction to the human brain – “the most complex object in the solar system” –  it moves on to cover an array of intriguing cognitive-related territory from the state of neuroscience today to the possibilities of tomorrow.

Further, Kaku offers in easy to understand language the potential science behind the science fiction of a variety of fascinating prospects like downloading memories, enhancing intelligence, and communicating telepathically.

And while the nuts and bolts are a big part of what makes this book worth reading, the following are some of the most compelling questions raised and the simple answers as interpreted by The Kid. (Sometimes I refer to myself as The Kid.)

Will we be able to increase our memory? Yes, but it’ll suck because you’ll never forget all the failures and embarrassments and heartaches and hurt and whiskey dicks you’ve suffered and actually devolve into a useless puddle of tears unable to get off your parent’s couch.

Will we be able to increase our intelligence? Yes, but do you really wanna spend your time solving complex tensor equations or mastering the mathematics of hyperspatial dimensions?..?..? Didn’t think so, Stupid.

Will we be able to download skills into our brain like in The Matrix? Yes, someday you will be able to download the acting ability of Keanu Reeves. Pop quiz, hotshot. Are you gonna win the next leading man Oscar or am I? Or Am I?!!!

How about memories? Of course. You’ll be able to download the absolute best memories from anyone you want. It’s just a matter of time before we all have memories of walking hand in hand with Jessica Alba down an idyllic Cancun beach while onlookers gawk at her perfection and gape at us - her schlubby husband.

Will they eventually cure Alzheimer’s and mental illness? Sure.

Will robots eventually take over and enslave humanity? Possibly. But in that case, just think of them as your kids. It’s the natural order of things for them to take over and harvest our organs for energy so no big deal, really.

Will we be able to upload our consciousness into a computer? Yes, but in effect we’ll just be copying our personality to a computer, thereby creating an evil twin. Evil mainly because he gets to live forever while the real me dies a mortal death. Also because he never lets me win at Street Fighter 2. Cheating Asshole!

Is there intelligent life out there? Of course there is you moron. There are about a billion earthlike stars in the Milky Way and about 100 billion galaxies in the visible universe. Plus, the universe is 13.8 billion years old. As Kaku points out, “it would be more miraculous if another advanced civilization did not exist.”

In conclusion, I’m giving The Future of the Mind 5 pearls because reading it made me feel smarter than, and superior to, your average Joe because in addition to all of the above, I now know what the Copernican and Anthropic Principles are and can wax poetic about them. But having said that, I now wanna kill myself for using the phrase ‘wax poetic’. So just 4 pearls, Michio.

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*Side note: I’ve only read one book for a class I didn’t take. A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolfe. Sadly, it did not get me laid.

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Bonus quote with a convenient congruence to American MaleWhore in Tokyo: “White lies, in fact, are like a grease that makes society run smoothly.” – Michio Kaku

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